Thursday, January 5, 2012

Time to play catch up!

Starting back to the end of 2010...there will be lots of posts to come! HA! Let's get started.

Camping with the family in October is always a special time. We get to catch up with everyone and be just plain lazy! This year happened to be different than expected. We arrived at the beach with perfect toasty weather by night FREEZING and raining! Rob and I just packed warm summer clothes not anticipating this cold front coming through. It was adventure to say the least. The Crims and the Mangos stayed in my moms little pop up camper, it was a sight to see!

On the way to the beach. Comfy?

 Waiting on the Sunrise!

 7 People in this one little pop up...Can you imagine? And of course we didn't find the heater until the next to last night we were there.

Colton snoozing...
Everytime he would sit up and hit the top of the canvas rain would come rushing in! Burrrr...

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